It has been noted that since our Christmas break that check-in numbers for 1Breadcrumb at all club sites have dropped by an average of between 60% and 80%. This is largely due to the app not being used for a few weeks over the break and smartphones automatically shutting it down. Covid-19 restrictions still apply and everyone needs to be reminded.

The attached document provides details of getting all players and officials back on track the next time they visit any RDCA venue.

Everyone should on their next arrival at the club:

  • Check in manually to the site again, ie. start the 1Breadcrumb app.
  • For APPLE iPhones, open your smartphone settings and set location to “Always” as apple updates change this setting.
  • For ANDROID smartphones (eg. Samsung, Google etc), adaptive power settings may need to be changed.
  • Breadcrumb – Check in to a site + Location Service & Power Saving pdf has all the required information and screenshots on how to do this.

Any queries please call 1Breadcrumb Support on 1300 127 323.