Ally Jack

aus Australia

Age: the BIG 50

Married status: defacto

Occupation: ICT business analyst

AFL Club supported: hawthorn

Years at Norwood: 2

Other clubs played for: Richmond 5mths , Donvale 2 years (both in late 80s)

High score: 40 something

Best Bowling Figures: 3/2

Flags won: 0

Favourite Movie: Field of dreams or LaLa Land

Favourite TV Show: Seinfeld

Favourite Band: Coldplay

Greatest fear:  getting old

Hidden talent that no one knows about:  I can do the splits (forward  – not sideways)

Memorable Cricketing moment: I have more off the ground – Elton John sitting directly behind me at MCG Ashes 1987, having drinks with Aussie cricketers .  Giving Ian Healy a lift in my car from MCG to Hilton as his knees were too sore to walk up the hill – had drinks after.

Funniest moment on the cricket field:  can look back now as funny but was more in shock at the time.  Last season wicketkeeping and a huge snick my way – wasn’t sure where the ball went….I’d caught it between my legs much to the amusement of everyone else.