Lana Jones

aus Australia

Age: 27

Married status: De facto

Occupation: Educator and Student

AFL Club supported: Carlton

Years at Norwood: 3.

Other clubs played for: None

Best Bowling Figures: 1/2

Flags won: 0

Favourite Movie: I have way too many to choose just one

Favourite TV Show: Brooklyn nine-nine

Favourite Band: The Paper Kites

Greatest fear: Not being able to travel

Hidden talent that no one knows about: I have correctly guessed the gender of all my friends/families babies with a 100% success rate.

Memorable Cricketing moment: Playing an entire game in the rain (Belgrave)

Funniest moment on the cricket field: Stopping a ball which was going for 4 then processing to throw it over the boundary line instead of into the wickets.