Mikayla Coats

aus Australia

Age: 23
Married status: In a relationship
Occupation: Primary school teacher
AFL Club supported: Hawthorn
Years at Norwood: Forever supporting my dad, 1 year as a player
Other clubs played for: None
High score: 22
Best Bowling Figures: Too embarrassing to mention
Flags won: 0
Favourite Movie: Suddenly 30
Favourite TV Show: Frasier
Favourite Band: Thundamentals
Greatest fear: Heights
Hidden talent that no one knows about: The ability to identify the Frasier episode within 5 seconds of it starting
Memorable Cricketing moment: Almost tearing my PCL by sliding incorrectly while stopping a 4
Funniest moment on the cricket field: At training when Danni tried to ride her cricket bag down the hill